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Top 7 onboarding tools to keep your users engaged in 2018

86% of new mobile users never return to the app after initially downloading it.  Only 2.7% stick around after day 30 and there is only a 60% chance users who do not come back within 7 days will ever return. Keeping these crazy numbers in mind is essential when planning and implementing your user onboarding flow.Continue Reading..

Top 8 Funnel Analytics Platforms in 2018

Your analytics platform plays the most crucial role in your growth stack, as it helps you analyze all stages of your website or app marketing funnel. From acquisition to onboarding, through engagement, retention, and monetization, your analytics tool gives you an insight on conversion at each stage of your funnel.Continue Reading..

What are the best email marketing tools for optimized retention?

Healthy communication with your users is the driving force for growing and nurturing loyal users. One of the easiest, and most cost effective ways to re-engage your customers is through email marketing. “Users are flooded with emails with spam and other intrusive and annoying reminders from businesses. That is why it is essential to test the right messaging and sending patterns to maintain high open and click rates on the emails you send to your customers. Continue Reading..

The 8 Best Landing Page Builders to Max Out Conversion

Optimizing your landing pages plays an important part in your conversion optimization journey. In many cases, it is wise to start testing different pages and flows before you’ve even figured out your top of the funnel strategy. The conversion rate for landing pages can differ dramatically depending on the way you attract your audience to your call to action. Continue Reading..

5 Best tools to win the A/B testing battle

A/B testing is a key for optimizing landing pages and maximizing conversion on your website or app. The success of the winner in the A/B battle depends on the goal you have set for the challenge. This goal can be anything from reducing your bounce rate, increasing the user’s time on your page, increasing completion rates, and eventually boosting sales. Running A/B tests gives you accurate and quantifiable results that you can use to make informed and educated decisions on how to improve your product. A/B tests will help you ensure that the changes you make are having a positive impact on your returns.Continue Reading..

Top 5 chat tools to boost communication with users

Live chat gives companies an easy and direct line of communication with its users. Support agents utilize live chat to guide users who have questions regarding products or website navigation. Users can either reach out to customer service representatives through chat boxes or be contacted automatically through agents standing by.

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6 Engagement Tools to Improve On-Site User Interaction

You might think it’s annoying to pester and prod your users with popups as they browse through your site, however, evidence shows how effective these pop-ups can actually be when implemented correctly. What may seem intrusive instinctively actually increases online conversions; popups help get users to take action, subscribe to newsletters, and sign up to your website. Finding the right tool for your site can help increase user interaction and lead you down the path to optimized conversions.

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6 KPI Dashboard tools you just can’t live without

A well-crafted KPI (key performance indicators) dashboard is like oxygen to anyone who depends on efficiently interpreting marketing metrics. It gives a quick insight on the conversion rates in each stage of the marketing funnel and helps ensure that you are acquiring profitable customers under your CAC goal.Continue Reading..

6 Best Usability Test Tools to Nail Product Marketing

The best marketing strategies are the ones that place the user at the forefront and concentrates on providing an experience that will help them understand your product’s value right away. This is why usability testing plays such an intricate part of the UX design when developing your marketing funnels. Understanding how your user interacts with your product will help you provide them with a better experience that will lead to user satisfaction and consequently a boost in your conversion rate.Continue Reading..

9 KICKASS Heatmap Tools to conquer site conversion

The same way night vision goggles revolutionized armed combat, heatmap tools transformed the optimization battlefield and helped marketers maximize conversion rates on their websites or apps. Like night visions goggles, heat map tools show you what you cannot see with your own eyes. They give you an inside look at:Continue Reading..