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5 Best tools to win the A/B testing battle

A/B testing is a key for optimizing landing pages and maximizing conversion on your website or app. The success of the winner in the A/B battle depends on the goal you have set for the challenge. This goal can be anything from reducing your bounce rate, increasing the user’s time on your page, increasing completion rates, and eventually boosting sales. Running A/B tests gives you accurate and quantifiable results that you can use to make informed and educated decisions on how to improve your product. A/B tests will help you ensure that the changes you make are having a positive impact on your returns.Continue Reading..

6 Best Usability Test Tools to Nail Product Marketing

The best marketing strategies are the ones that place the user at the forefront and concentrates on providing an experience that will help them understand your product’s value right away. This is why usability testing plays such an intricate part of the UX design when developing your marketing funnels. Understanding how your user interacts with your product will help you provide them with a better experience that will lead to user satisfaction and consequently a boost in your conversion rate.Continue Reading..

9 KICKASS Heatmap Tools to conquer site conversion

The same way night vision goggles revolutionized armed combat, heatmap tools transformed the optimization battlefield and helped marketers maximize conversion rates on their websites or apps. Like night visions goggles, heat map tools show you what you cannot see with your own eyes. They give you an inside look at:Continue Reading..