6 Best Usability Test Tools to Nail Product Marketing

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The best marketing strategies are the ones that place the user at the forefront and concentrates on providing an experience that will help them understand your product’s value right away. This is why usability testing plays such an intricate part of the UX design when developing your marketing funnels. Understanding how your user interacts with your product will help you provide them with a better experience that will lead to user satisfaction and consequently a boost in your conversion rate.

In order to do it right, you need to test your product on a significant number of users. Using an automated usability tool will help you run tests on different audiences of your choice so that you can get the insight you need to improve your funnels. This shortlist of our favorite user testing tools will help you fast track your way to designing more user-friendly websites or apps.

1. UserTesting

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UserTesting is a panel-based usability testing service that provides feedback from Testers regarding questions you ask them about your web site.


  • Fast and affordable panel-based usability review
  • Easy to use platform
  • Includes video of tester walking through the site
  • Written summary of results
  • Researchers can use own tests


  • No ability to ask follow-up questions while the tester is conducting the test.
  • Panelists may not be an appropriate fit for niche audiences.

Price: Each test costs $29, however, there is a pre-pay quantity discount available.

Special Features: User-testing is available for cell phones, and you have the ability to rate each tester, which helps provide the researcher with some quality information about the feedback received from the tester.

2. Usabilla

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Usabilla boasts an impressive range of features, making it one of the most comprehensive user experience packages that test all different user feedback of the user testing spectrum.


  •    Visual feedback in organized and concise dashboard
  •    Has feedback widgets to gather UX data on emails
  •    Includes Click heatmaps
  •    Targeted feedback forms
  •    Exit surveys
  •    Mobile feedback


  • A bit steeper in price compared to others
  • Can not ask follow-up questions

Price: Free 14-day trial, Plans start at $49 month

Special Features: In real-time, visitors can select particular elements on a given web page and provide detailed feedback for improvements or highlight any bugs.

It also includes a customizable feedback button to put on your website.

3. UsabilityHub

UsabilityHub is the fastest and most affordable user test for those wanting first impression feedback on their website.


  • Simple and easy 5-minute test
  • First impression testing
  • Can be used before a website goes live
  • Earn free responses when complete tests for other researchers


  • Does not have array of features

Price: Plans start at $20/month, Can earn free responses by completing other tests for people.

Special Features: Can be used before a website go lives which not all usability testing tools allow for.

4. Userbrain

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Userbrain is an efficient tool for fixing your website’s usability problems. Userbrain provides weekly videos of people using your website on desktop and mobile devices while thinking aloud.


  • Recurring user testing
  • Test site on desktop, tablets, and smartphones
  • 5-15 min long screen recordings with audio commentary
  • Easy to share with team
  • No need to recruit testers
  • Watch and download your videos anytime


  • Does not integrate with other apps
  • Does not offer an API


Price: 1 video a month – $29/ month, 1 video a week – $49/month, 3 videos a week – $139/ month

Special Features: Userbrain allows you to test any URL you want, from websites to competitor sites, and even prototypes. You also do not have to recruit testers which make it even more simple to use.

5. UserZoom

UserZoom helps brands optimize online customer experience by providing them a software to manage and conduct various types of cost-effective online research projects.


  • Recruiting is handled at high accuracy
  • Unlimited quantitative and qualitative study results
  • Think Aloud user videos and screen recordings
  • Easy to use study builder
  • Actionable same-day results, metrics, and insights


  • Pricing isn’t straightforward
  • Customer service not as responsive

Price: Need to request a quote

Special Features: This is one of the few usability testing tools that have international testing available and in over 17 languages.



UX design suite allows you to record everything from first impressions, the behavior of the user during a testing, and the feedback from users in focus groups, and other tests.


  •       Create interactive wireframes and user flows in minutes.
  •       Comment directly on designs
  •       Experiment with 1000s of built-in elements for web, mobile, and desktop products.
  •       Build static or interactive designs with the editor, or import files from Sketch and Photoshop.
  •       Craft life like prototypes with advanced states and interactions.


  • Loading time longer compared to other tools
  • Complex design
  • Non-responsive buttons and errors on website

Price: Free-trial, quote-based pricing.

Special Features: With UXPin you can actually record user behavior. You can listen to comments via voice call, see every click, and even watch their facial expressions as they navigate through your design.

In the cutthroat digital marketing world, one thing will always remain the same and that is how the user feels reacting to your site or app. That’s why usability tests are a crucial part of your funnel optimization efforts. These tools allow you to listen to your prospects and get the feedback you need to improve your product. Truly understanding your users will help you provide them with the best experience possible, which at the end of the day is instrumental for maximized conversion.