5 Best tools to win the A/B testing battle

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A/B testing is a key for optimizing landing pages and maximizing conversion on your website or app. The success of the winner in the A/B battle depends on the goal you have set for the challenge. This goal can be anything from reducing your bounce rate, increasing the user’s time on your page, increasing completion rates, and eventually boosting sales. Running A/B tests gives you accurate and quantifiable results that you can use to make informed and educated decisions on how to improve your product. A/B tests will help you ensure that the changes you make are having a positive impact on your returns.

You might be lucky enough to correctly understand your customers when you implement your campaigns, but in the long run, success will depend on data analysis. Although A/B testing is assumed to be technical, and time-consuming, it is made simpler with this collection of tools that make it accessible and comprehensible. Setting up these mini battles in well-planned sprints will help you understand your customers and can improve conversion dramatically. Check out our list of the best A/B testing tools you can use when testing out your product funnels.



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One of the first and most popular tools, Optimizely, provides businesses with the ability to conduct A/B testing, multivariate and multi page testing for data-driven decision-making.


  • User-friendly for being a complex tool
  • Intuitive data display and goal comparison
  • Easy editing access
  • It has retroactive filtering (i.e. IP addresses)
  • Great integration with 3rd party tools


  • Test setup can get complicated
  • Updates are slow for saved changes to the CDN
  • Query parameters and cookies within certain tests aren’t carried through
  • Customer support is slow and frustrating
  • Quote different prices per client

Price: Free plan, then quote-based pricing

Special Features: The fact that it is the best-known A/B testing solution for its ease of use yet saturated data analysis makes it a very effective tool.



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VWO is an easy A/B testing tool that allows you to tweak, optimize & personalize your website and apps with minimal IT help.


  • Updates are fast
  • Easy to set up goals
  • Data is easy to download
  • Great customer support
  • Has idea generation tools
  • Feature-rich for the pricing


  • Can not view goal reports simultaneously
  • No saved targeting
  • No cumulative CR graph if you have low traffic  (Gives CR ranges)
  • Must export the data to get any usable information

Price: Starts at $49/month with 30 days trial

Special Features: VWO has the most intuitive interface with color coding and allows for more complex testing compared to the other leaders of A/B testing tools. Offers heatmaps, clickmaps, and on-page surveys.


3.Google Optimize

Google Optimize Growth Kitchen

After launching a paid A/B testing product called Google Optimize 360, Google launched Optimize, a free tool that anyone can use.  Optimize is a powerful landing page testing and optimization tool that integrates directly with Google Analytics.


  • Absolutely free
  • Simple to use interface
  • “Goals” feature makes tracking business targets easy
  • Full integration with Google AdWords
  • Super easy to integrate with Google Tag Manager
  • Easy setup of various targeting rules


  • Can’t set up multiple clients
  • You can only run three experiments at once
  • You can only have 3 goals tracked
  • No Real Time Results

Price: Free

Special Features: Google Optimize is super easy to integrate and setup.   At zero charge, it provides most of the features and functionality you find in its pricey paid alternatives.



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Kissmetrics is a popular testing tool that focuses on the human side of data. Its reports are connected to real people, who are tracked across their interactions with your website


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Data traced to real people
  • Flexible data reporting options
  • Extremely accurate funnel-based data
  • Integrates well with complementary software


  • A/B testing is lower powered compared to other testing software
  • Pricey tool
  • More advanced data reporting requires more technical background

Price: Plans start at $150/month with 1-year commitment

Special Features: Kissmetrics has more intense data analysis than other tools. It lets you keep a pulse on the entire conversion funnel, from start to finish, and identify where and how customers are disconnecting from your website.


5. AB Tasty

ab testy growth kitchen

AB helps you optimize your conversion rate, allowing you to modify pages using a visual editor, without writing any code and without any technical knowledge.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Good value for price
  • Facilitates wide range of testing
  • Possible to add advanced targeting scenarios
  • Ability to make communication messages that pop up in real time to segmented markets


  • Not easy to manage personalization
  • Editor is slow to load

Price: Starts at $34/month

Special Features: AB testy offers a DMP (data management platform) integration to really put your data to good use.


These A/B testing tools should help you figure out the best way to set up your web page so that you can optimize each stage of your marketing funnel. We have used all of these tools to help our clients optimize their funnels. Optimizely and VWO used to be our favorite tools but since Google released their Optimize beta we find ourselves preferring their new intuitive design, and the fact that it is absolutely free Please feel free to share additional A/B testing tools and best practices we should consider in the never-ending A/B testing conversion optimization battle. You might be also interested in our shortlist of best heatmaps tools to track engagement on your site or app.