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How to optimize your Google Play title?

The keywords in the Google Play app title play a major role in how Google indexes the app in the search results. The keywords in your Google Play app title will probably rank higher than keywords you place in your publisher name, short description, long description, or app updates. The app title also tells the user in a few seconds what your app does, and because the title of an app impacts both discovery and conversion – an optimized title may be the most critical piece of an ASO strategy. Follow this short recipe to cook up the best Google Play title possible.Continue Reading..

How to optimize your App Store title?

Apps usually rank higher for keywords that are included in your app’s title. Your title has to be short, clear, unique, and creative and use your best keywords. Follow this short recipe to cook up the best title possible in Apple’s App Store.

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What Factors Actually Impact Your Google Play Ranking?

Google Play Store search represents 80% of quality organic downloads [Fisku study]. Optimizing for Google Play Store is quite different from Apple’s App Store. The ranking for Play Store is somewhat similar to Google’s search engine and yet, has its own unique features.  When it comes to what exactly makes up the ranking system that Google uses for its app platform, a few ranking factors are generally accepted as playing a major part. So what is Google Play’s secret recipe for ranking your app?Continue Reading..

What Factors Actually Impact Your App Store Ranking?

Almost half of iOS users found the last app they downloaded by searching on the App Store [MobileHQDev Study]. Apple is continually working to improve its algorithms, as the way apps are ranked and surfaced plays a large role in the overall success of the App Store. While the actual ranking algorithm is a heavily guarded secret, proper research can help us reasonably understand what factors affect ranking and how much influence they have. So, what is Apple’s secret recipe for ranking your app?

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