How to optimize your Google Play title?

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How to optimize your Google Play title?

The keywords in the Google Play app title play a major role in how Google indexes the app in the search results. The keywords in your Google Play app title will probably rank higher than keywords you place in your publisher name, short description, long description, or app updates. The app title also tells the user in a few seconds what your app does, and because the title of an app impacts both discovery and conversion – an optimized title may be the most critical piece of an ASO strategy. Follow this short recipe to cook up the best Google Play title possible.

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1. Length

Google limits the number of characters in the title to only 30 characters. Make sure to place your best keywords in the title.

2. Name

Try to use targeted keywords in the app name itself.Combine the core functionality of the app with another word that describes what the app does – for example TweetDeck or Photo Editor.

3. Function

Combine the app name with the most important feature or function. Choose the features of your app that are most in-demand or differentiate your product the most.

 good example of google play title length


4. Localize

Localize your app title for every language. Keywords from the U.S. Store are searchable worldwide.

5. Follow Guidelines

From time to time, Google updates the guidelines and restrictions of Google Play. A common restriction to avoid is creating an app name with another’s brand in the beginning of the app title.
Follow these rule and make a list of title drafts. Utilize the A/B testing tool and run a few different app title variations to see which one yields better conversions. Save the best performing one and and within a few days, check how it impacts your ranking. Revise your app title from time to time until it is fully optimized. Try taking your best keywords from the description that function well and adding them to the title- this will further boost their rank.


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