What is the best way to launch your app?

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The algorithms used by the app stores heavily favor downloads. New apps are promoted if they are considered trendy, or in other words, show high downloads velocity.  Studies show that for every paid install an app receives, it can expect to see an additional 1.5 organic installs (1.5 being the “organic multiplier”). Apps that achieve top three chart rankings have had their organic multiplier grow from 3x to up to 10x. So, what are some of the best practices for your app launch?


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1. Start Early

Start marketing your app long before its launch date.Your marketing efforts start the moment you begin working on your app. Start a few different social media channels and start engaging potential users with teasers and sneak peeks. A sneak peek might include screenshots from your app, a video promo, or in some cases, even just text like a blog post describing what your app will be about. Sneak peeks can drive hundreds, if not thousands, of email signups and provide a ripe list for getting early, interested users.


2. Twitter

Twitter is a good tool to make initial contact because it’s filled with tech-savvy early adopters and influencers. Free tools like BuzzSumo, Social Crawlytics and Topsy can help you identify the most important people in your industry as well as the industry content important enough to tweet and share.

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3. Beta Testers

Build a beta tester community – these should be real app users who can provide quality feedback and eventually become the champions of your app. Beta testers will make your app better and more marketable. Put out a call for beta testers. These testers can easily become your app’s biggest supporters and word-of-mouth marketers.

4. Collateral

Get your press kit and launch materials in order. This may include your full website, press releases, promo video, app store screenshot, and other announcement related content. You should also start gauging media contacts for interest in reviewing your app. There are many app review websites and YouTube channels that offer paid reviews. Consider using the ones with the best traffic and schedule their reviews to post just after your launch.  

5. Timing

Studies show that people download more apps over the weekend. By launching on the weekend, you’ll increase your chances of getting noticed.

6. Media Buying

Once you launch the app, invest some money in media buying. Facebook ads and Google Play search ads are a bit more expensive but will get you quality users. Use ad networks such as StartApp, Flurry, TapJoy, and AppBrain that might be more affordable.  

Focusing on these kinds of items won’t guarantee your app’s success, but they’ll give you a better chance of showing the app stores a trend of downloads velocity.

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