How to write the best app store description?

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How to write the best app store description? Growth Kitchen

There is a big difference between how Apple and Google utilize the app description. In the Apple App Store, the keywords in your app description don’t impact your rank directly, BUT a good description will convert more users, which means more downloads in good velocity, which means a higher rank! Follow these steps to optimize your app description.

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1. Visibility

Put the most important part of your description at the very top because only the first three lines are visible, and most people won’t read the rest.Use all three lines and tell your readers exactly what they need to know, without any marketing hype.


If possible, try to include a credibility factor in these first three lines. Mention awards, major press, or any other achievements. Even a short user testimonial can work here.

3. Features

After the first three lines, list the main benefits of the app. List these main features with a a short title followed by a short description. Putting your feature titles in CAPITAL letter will make them more readable.

4. Seasonal Promotions

In your feature list, you might want to add any seasonal promotions first and put app disclaimers last.


End your description with links to your social media channels and your contact details. End it with a call to action – invite your user to contact you with any feedback and questions.

6. Proofread

Show it to three people who can proofread it for typos and grammar.

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While your screenshots might give a good first impression and convert users on the spot, your full description will eventually convert the users who want to make sure your app is the right one for them. In order to optimize your description, try to tweak it from time to time and see how it impacts user conversion.


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