How to optimize your App Store title?

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How to optimize App Store title? Growth Kitchen

Apps usually rank higher for keywords that are included in your app’s title. Your title has to be short, clear, unique, and creative and use your best keywords. Follow this short recipe to cook up the best title possible in Apple’s App Store.

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1. Length

The iTunes title field has a maximum of 255 characters, but you shouldn’t use all available characters. A long title looks spammy and a really short title doesn’t provide much keyword optimization. Find a good balance between ASO and branding. Kayak’s title is a good example of keeping the title short, while still including targeted keywords.


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2. Research

Take a look at app titles of successful apps in your category to get some ideas of relevant keywords. Make a list of keywords based on you ASO keywords research.

3. Location

Try to use your best keywords in the beginning of the sentence. Focus on the first 25 characters, which are the ones shown on the iPhone screen.

4. Balance

Don’t place keywords randomly and don’t dump all of your keywords into your title. Create a sentence that makes sense, otherwise Apple will reject your app for keyword stuffing.

5. Localize

Localize your app title for the most popular languages. Keywords from the U.S. App Store are searchable worldwide, and keywords from the Spanish App Store are searchable in the U.S.

6. Original

Don’t use special characters or misspelled keywords in your title. Avoid using titles that are too similar to well-established apps, because the App Store will suggest those over your app. Avoid using overused, trademarked or confusing names.
Follow these rules and make a list of possible titles. Submit your favorite one and within a few days after your app’s release you should see its impact on the rank. See what keywords did better and revise accordingly. You might want to switch between keywords in the title and the ad set or add keywords you didn’t try before. It is recommended to keep updating the title from time to time until it is fully optimized.


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